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18 Wheeler Wrecks and Regulations

Published on Jul 21, 2016 at 7:54 pm in 18 Wheeler, 18-Wheeler wreck, Car Wrecks, Careless Driving, Negligence, Tractor Trailer, Uncategorized, Wrongful Death.

We have blogged before about the challenges of handling a wreck involving an 18 wheeler. If you are involved in a serious wreck with an 18 Wheeler, be aware that it is very likely they will have experts, including accident reconstructionists, on the scene within hours. You should not delay in seeking help. You need someone preserving evidence on your behalf and making sure that everyone involved will be treated fairly and justly.

Most 18 Wheelers have downloadable data in them that should be preserved after a significant wreck. The data can show braking, speed, rpms, steering input and numerous other pre-crash items important to reconstructing what happened. This information needs to be preserved for all parties involved.

2014–Wins for Clients and Some On-Going Battles for Justice

Published on Dec 31, 2014 at 8:48 pm in 18 Wheeler, Bed Sore, Car Wrecks, Medication Error, Partners, Pressure Ulcer, Trials, Uncategorized.

We wanted to post a year in review style blog post for two purposes. First, to summarize for folks much of what we have been working on in the last year, and two, to remind folks that McMath Woods areas of practice are quite broad. This post will be updated over the next several days.

McMath Woods Client Receives $1.5 million Verdict in Stage IV Pressure Ulcer case

In May of 2014, Neil Chamberlin and Will Bond represented a client in a jury trial in Washington County Circuit Court in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The client had developed a Stage IV pressure ulcer (pressure ulcers are referred to by many as bedsores) while being treated at a Northwest Arkansas hospital. The jury returned a 1.5 million dollar verdict to the client for his injuries and significant complications from the bedsore.  Gene Adams, attorney in Jacksonville, also assisted on the case.

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