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Accidents & Injuries Cases

Edward Hopkins & Latoya Cole v. Art Express, Inc. & Gilbert Central Corporation, $3.75 Million Settlement
Four members of an extended family were killed by smoke and fire when they were trapped inside their vehicle that was crushed after being hit from behind by a tractor-trailer rig and pushed into the back of another truck.

Alvester Moore et al., v. Great American Assurance Company and Mike Dupuis 
Plaintiffs alleged wrongful death after their daughter drowned at a pool party.

Aguilar v. Triad Transport, Inc., $1,453,500.00 Million Verdict
Injuries were sustained by eight families after an explosion occurred at a nearby hazardous waste transport facility and their community was evacuated.

Shaw Group v. Marcum, $6.5 Million Verdict
A soldier was accidentally electrocuted after coming in contact with a metal latrine during basic training at Ft. Benning, GA.

Medical Malpractice

Patterson v. Northwest Arkansas Hospital-Springdale, $1.5 Million Verdict
An individual developed a Stage IV pressure ulcer (bedsore) while hospitalized and had suffered severe complications for the bedsore.

Electrocution Cases

The Estate of Van Ryan Marcum v. The Shaw Group
Van Ryan Marcum was a 21-year old Army private in basic training when he was electrocuted after coming in contact with a metal latrine at Ft. Benning, GA.

The Estate of Jerry Matthew Johnson v. First Electric Cooperative Corporation, et al., $3.65 Million Verdict
A Benton, Arkansas family sought and won damages after their son was electrocuted by a billboard sign and lost his life in 2005.

Aviation Cases

Janan Honeysuckle v. Michael McCarthy, Workers’ Compensation Commission of Arkansas
During a return business trip flight, a pilot crashed his plane injuring himself and killing his passenger after the plane engine lost power.

Crop Damage / Defective Seed Cases

John Murphy v. Western Hybrid Seeds, Inc. et al. 
Crops failed after using defective seed.

FMC Corporation and Agro Distribution v Helton, et al., $1 Million Verdict
Damage resulted from the application of insecticide to wheat crops.

Pollution Cases

Manuel Anderson, et al. v. Farmland Industries, Inc. 
A community located near a refinery suffered from health problems caused by air pollutants generated by the refinery. Community members also experienced a decrease in surrounding property value and quality of environment.

Bobby G. Evers & Yvonne Evers v. Beebe Drilling and Supply Company et al. 
Oil and gas exploration resulted in the unlawful use of property as a waste site destroying much of the land and vegetation and contaminating the groundwater and neighboring creek.

Product Liability Cases

Heath Eklund v. Heidelberg USA, Inc. and Heidelberg Eastern, Inc.
An unsafe paper cutter severed the plaintiff’s fingers.

Tire Litigation Cases

Pamela S. Huffman v. Mary Robertson et al. 
A wheel mounted to a tractor-trailer dislodges crossing the highway and striking oncoming traffic.

Micheale Dodson et al. v. Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, LLC et al. 
A tire blowout caused by tread separation resulted in injuries and death.


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