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How Often Do Medication Errors Happen in Hospitals?

Published on Sep 22, 2023 at 6:01 pm in Medication Error.

How Often Do Medication Errors Happen in Hospitals
Prescription drugs play a critical role in modern-day health care. We rely on medications to regulate blood pressure, treat cancer, lower blood sugar, minimize pain, and so much more. For some patients, the right prescription drug can be life-changing.

When an error causes an injury or the preventable worsening of a condition, patients are left to wonder what went wrong and to ask questions like, “How often do medication errors happen in hospitals?” and “Could I have done anything to prevent this?”

We know that this is a difficult period of your life, which is why McMath Woods P.A.’s team of Little Rock medical malpractice attorneys will seek to answer questions like these in this blog.

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