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El Dorado Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are an incredible way to navigate Arkansas and El Dorado. Since you’re not the one behind the wheel, you don’t have the responsibility of driving from one place to another. This might make you feel like you’re completely safe while on a bus, but that’s not always the case. You can still get injured when you’re on a bus if it gets into an accident.

If you’re driving and a bus collides with you, that’s also another way that a bus could cause injuries from an accident. When you’ve been struck by a bus, or harmed while riding a bus, then you could use the help from an El Dorado, AR bus accident lawyer. At McMath Woods P.A., we’re here to help you get the justice that you deserve for your damages so that you can focus on your recovery.

Causes of Bus Accidents

After a collision with a bus or on a bus, you might be wondering what led to that moment. Getting to the bottom of the cause of a bus accident can be difficult, especially when you should be focusing on healing from any injuries or damages that you might have sustained. That’s where an El Dorado, AR bus accident lawyer comes into play.

At McMath Woods P.A., our attorneys are prepared to investigate what happened to cause your bus accident so that we can start getting you justice right away. Here are some of the most common causes of bus accidents that we see in our experience, which helps us determine the cause of your collision with a bus:

  • Driver fatigue. Bus drivers often drive long hours and have to deal with many passengers at a time. This can be exhausting for drivers and make them fatigued. When bus drivers are over tired, they can have slower reaction times and miss crucial cues to avoid accidents that they might have seen if they were well rested.
  • Distracted driving. Both bus drivers and any other drivers on the road can become distracted at any time, meaning they take their eyes off the road and don’t pay attention to the cars and people surrounding them. This can lead to collisions between a vehicle and a bus, or between a bus and a pedestrian.
  • Reckless driving. When a driver is speeding, changing lanes quickly, and being reckless, they can cause a bus accident to occur. When a bus driver is being reckless, the consequences can be even more serious because of the size and weight of the bus.
  • Bad weather. Heavy rains, strong winds, and other bad weather conditions can cause buses to lose control and get into a collision with another vehicle or person. Other drivers can also lose control and crash into a bus, which could injure the driver and any riders on the bus.
  • Part malfunction. Vehicle parts can malfunction and cause collisions. When a bus part malfunctions, this can be especially dangerous because the large vehicle can barrel into another car and harm the occupants of the bus and other vehicles.
  • Bus capacity. Since there are people and their objects on a bus, sometimes they can reach a weight capacity that makes it harder for the bus driver to remain in control of the vehicle. If the load is uneven, that can also cause problems that lead to a bus accident.
  • Size of the bus. Buses are larger than most other vehicles, which can make it hard for a bus driver to see other vehicles or pedestrians while on the road. This can also make it harder for them to stop on time if they need to.

If you were in a bus accident and think it was caused by any of these above scenarios, then you could use the help of one of our El Dorado, AR bus accident lawyers. We have experience representing the victims of bus crashes and getting them justice for what they’ve endured.

Who Was at Fault for Your Bus Wreck?

Even though you might think you know who caused the bus collision, that might not be as obvious as you initially think. That’s why it’s essential to have an El Dorado bus accident lawyer on your side—they’ll be able to figure out exactly who was at fault for your collision so you can get the justice you deserve for your injuries and damages.

There are a few different parties who could have been at fault for your collision. Even though a few of them seem straight forward, you might not have expected some of them. Here are some of the parties your lawyer will have experience proving as responsible for a bus accident:

  • Bus driver
  • Another driver
  • A bus passenger
  • The bus operating company
  • Auto or bus part manufacturer

There could be many different people at fault for a collision between a bus, another vehicle, or a pedestrian. Your El Dorado, AR bus accident lawyer will be able to fully investigate what happened so that the responsible party can be held accountable.

You Can Trust McMath Woods P.A. to Represent You

When you’ve been in a bus accident that causes you injuries and damages, you’re probably busy worrying about your recovery and how you’re going to pay for your bills while still trying to heal. When you didn’t cause the collision and your injuries, you shouldn’t have to worry about your finances during this time. Even though a legal claim could seem too big to take on, you still deserve justice.

With the help of one of our El Dorado, AR bus accident lawyers, you’ll be able to recover the compensation that you’re owed for everything you’ve suffered. We can help you get back money for medical bills, repair costs, lost wages, and any other costs that you might have incurred from injuries and damages. Reach out to our office today so we can discuss your potential claim and determine exactly how we can help you.

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