McMath Woods P.A. has been a pioneer in protecting Arkansans, their property and their natural resources from pollution. Our firm first became involved with environmental litigation in the 1970s when we represented the neighbors of the Vertac facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas, which made herbicides during the Vietnam War.

  • Over the past three decades our firm has represented numerous individuals or entire communities (sometimes hundreds of households) in complex litigation involving air pollution, groundwater pollution and toxic exposures.
  • Today, two firm members focus heavily upon environmental litigation.
  • McMath Woods is involved in a broad spectrum of environmental litigation, including industrial pollution, groundwater pollution from underground storage tanks, oilfield waste, pesticide drift, toxic mold, as well as claims against federal and state governmental agencies that have not fulfilled mandates to protect the environment.
  • The firm’s clients include not only residents of affected communities, but also landowners and small businesses adversely impacted by pollution, government bodies with environmental concerns and conservation organizations.

Environmental litigation requires experience in the complex web of environmental regulation, familiarity with technical aspects of each case. McMath Woods is proud to be one of the few plaintiffs firms in the South focusing on this area of practice.