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Why Are Teens at the Most Danger for Lung Damage After Vaping?

Published on Aug 23, 2019 at 11:15 am in Product Liability.

According to reports from CBS News, teens all across the country are being hospitalized for lung damage related to vaping. The first cases were reported in July 2019 and the numbers continue to rise. As the popularity of products like JUUL increases, concerns about lung problems and other e-cig related consequences go up as well.

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services confirmed 12 cases of severe lung damage in patients between their teenage years and 30s – all of whom vaped. 13 other cases, including older patients in their 50s experiencing lung damage from vaping, are being investigated.

Questions and concerns are now being raised about how e-cigarette could cause so much damage when they haven’t been around for that long. Dr. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, finds the cases to be mind-boggling. Typically, individuals with lung damage or cancer are in their 40s, 50s, or 60s, not in their teens.

One case in particular involved a college freshman from Florida. He was admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung. He admitted to vaping one JUUL pod every two days for a year.

The biggest problem with JUUL and other vapes at the moment is that the risks and symptoms of injuries are unidentified. It’s too early for doctors to know all the potential long-term health consequences. It took years for doctors to understand the risks associated with cigarettes. There is, however, evidence of short-term risks. Doctors are most presently focused on lung damage.

The Pediatrics journal published a study discussing the number of different toxic chemicals found in e-cigarettes, some of which are linked to cancer. The chemicals even turn up in non-nicotine products like fruit-flavored vapes.

As a result of injuries like the ones discussed above, some victims are taking legal action. Class action lawsuits are being filed against JUUL Labs because of the harm their products have caused. As time passes and more people are diagnosed with e-cigarette related conditions, the number of lawsuits will rise.

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