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The Most Dangerous Roads and Interstates in Arkansas

Published on Apr 11, 2019 at 10:11 am in car accident.

No matter how responsible of a driver you are, there’s no way to control the others on the road. Any unsuspecting driver could end up in an accident because of someone else’s negligence. As a result, serious physical, psychological, and financial consequences are likely. In Arkansas, distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding top the list for the causes of accidents, but it’s also important to be aware of where a crash is most likely to happen.

In order to reduce the number of accidents and save lives, drivers need to acknowledge where a significant number of crashes take place. While a collision can happen anywhere, the following roads are the most dangerous in Arkansas.

The Deadliest Highways and Interstates in Arkansas

Interstates provide a convenient means of travel because drivers don’t have to deal with stop signs, traffic lights, and varying speeds. However, the highways in Arkansas see a high number of crashes every year—some of which result in death. Many of these accidents are related directly to human error. When a negligent driver speeds, weaves in and out of lanes, or chooses to drive under the influence, lives are put at stake. The deadliest highways in Arkansans include:

  • Highway 7. This roadway starts at the Louisiana border and spans for nearly the entire height of Arkansas. The sharp curves and steep hills contribute to a significant number of accidents. Multiple fatalities happen on the north side of Bismarck every year.
  • Interstate 40. This east-west interstate enters Arkansas just north of the Arkansas River. It connects a number of cities, including Little Rock, before continuing into Tennessee. There are a number of major junctions where accidents are most likely to occur because of the heavy traffic.
  • US 65. Entering the southeast corner of Arkansas, this portion of the highway is designated as part of the Great River Road. Many of the accidents and subsequent deaths on this highway are the result of negligent drivers in construction zones.
  • US 67. This highway runs for nearly 280 miles in Arkansas. It passes through several towns and cities. The road conditions vary, which contribute to accidents. As a result, the state is upgrading the freeway.
  • US Route 61. This major United States highway extends for 1,400 miles. Only 76 of those miles are located in Arkansas. The roadway, though short compared to others, sees a high number of accidents every year. Drunk drivers are often the cause.

Common Intersections for Accidents

Collisions are common at intersections when drivers aren’t paying attention to the road in front of them. If a driver is texting, checking an email, focused on their GPS system, or trying to make a light before it turns red, they risk hitting one of the cars around them. Because there can be many cars at any one intersection, accidents involving more than two vehicles are common. The most dangerous intersections in Arkansas include:

  • Asher Avenue and University Avenue. This crowded intersection in Little Rock is likely to confuse drivers who are unfamiliar with the area because of the number of lanes. Traffic can be overwhelming when the University of Arkansas at Little Rock hosts sporting events. As a result, frustrated drivers may make poor decisions and cause an accident.
  • N 46th Street and W Walnut Street. This busy intersection in Rogers is surrounded by shopping, restaurants, and hotels. During rush hour traffic the number of cars can be overwhelming. Irresponsible drivers often neglect to give the proper right-of-way when turning left at the stop lights. Some drivers also run red lights.
  • N College Avenue and E Joyce Boulevard. This large intersection in Fayetteville is near major highways, so speeding is common. Some drivers try to make a light and rear-end someone who has slowed or stopped at a yellow light. The intersection also features wide turns from every side. Sideswipe accidents are common, especially when tractor-trailers don’t have enough room to make a turn comfortably.

Why Arkansas’ Rural Roads Are So Dangerous

It may come as a surprise to learn that auto wrecks in Arkansas are more likely to happen on rural roads. The poor roadway conditions, including potholes, poor lighting, crumbling bridges, and missing guardrails, are the main contributing factor; however, there are other dangers. The most dangerous rural road, Masonville Road, which is three miles outside of McGehee, travels through farmland. The multiple fatalities on this road were the result of train collisions.

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