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Little Rock Aircraft Manufacturer Liability Lawyer

Manufacturers need to make quality products that people can depend on so they can fly safely. When there’s an airplane crash, it’s not always because of pilot error. In some cases, manufacturers may have been negligent in their product creation process. Putting unsafe or faulty products on the market could result in people getting serious injuries or possibly loss of life. The Little Rock aircraft manufacturer liability lawyers at McMath Woods P.A. consider all the factors that cause aircraft accidents when we evaluate an aviation crash.

There are many critical areas to consider when investigating a crash. Besides the manufacturer that makes the aircraft parts, we also look into maintenance facilities and weather and air traffic control services. We’ll do everything to find the cause of the crash and proceed to fight for your rights. If your injuries are from an aircraft accident that was caused by negligence, it means the accident could have been prevented had the negligent party acted responsibly. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Makes an Aircraft Product Dangerous?

An aircraft product needs to have sound design, made with quality materials, and people need to know how to use them. At these stages, manufacturers can make mistakes that make the product faulty.

  • Design Flaw. A design flaw could affect an entire line of products. The product could break down over time and put people in danger.
  • Manufacturing Error. These kinds of errors could be an issue with a couple or one product that was made incorrectly, so they don’t meet the standard of the products it’s identical to. Manufacturers are supposed to catch these faulty products and can be held liable if they don’t and the product is sold and causes an injury.
  • Failure to Warn. Manufacturers are supposed to provide instructions and warnings with their products. The instructions need to be informative and detailed. They also need to provide warnings about the product if there are dangers that the manufacturer should have known about when the product was released. Companies can be held liable when they fail to provide instructions and warnings.

When manufacturers or sellers put a defective product on the market, they may be held liable for product liability. McMath Woods P.A. has years of experience in representing those injured in product liability cases and settling them.

Common Defective Aircraft Parts

Airplanes need to have all its components running smoothly. Also, they require regular maintenance to make sure it will be ready for the next flight.

Parts of the plane that can typically have issues are:

  • Engine. When an engine fails, the plane loses support for staying in the air. Bigger airplanes can remain flying if it loses one of its engine, but engine failure can be catastrophic to single engine planes. While some experienced pilots may be able to safely bring the plan to the ground, this may not be the outcome for others.
  • Structural Parts. The pieces to help get the aircraft off the ground, sustain stable flight, and land safely each time must meet certain standards. But if lower quality metals are used or the plane isn’t regularly checked, the metal can crack or degrade in a way that will make flying the plane a risk.
  • Electrical Components. Pilots need to be able to depend on what their measurements are telling them. If these are faulty, the pilot won’t have accurate information and this could lead to a crash.

Common Aircraft Accidents

Devastating injuries and damages are often the outcome of an aircraft collision. But you may be wondering what the main reasons are for aircraft collisions in the first place. The common defective aircraft parts translate to the types of accident below.

Common causes of aircraft accidents include:

  • Midair Collisions. These could happen because of a communication error or a circumstance where one pilot’s instruments incorrectly display their altitude and put them in the flight path of another aircraft.
  • Fuel-Related Crashes. Pilots need to know the fuel burn rate of their craft and they need instruments that tell them how much fuel they have. Reasons for a fuel-related crash could be because of a company’s failure to warn or an issue with the fuel gauge.
  • Mechanical Failure. The structural failings of a plane can make the pilot lose control of the aircraft and crash.

These types of accidents should have been prevented because the aircraft manufacturing company responsible for the product should have ensured its safety. The trauma of these accidents can possibly cause life-changing physical and emotional injuries.

How Can a Little Rock Aircraft Manufacturer Liability Lawyer Help You?

You can seek legal help with the skilled lawyers at McMath Woods P.A. by starting with contacting us for a free consultation of your case. We understand that attention to detail is key when determining the cause of a crash and are prepared to examine the evidence from every possible angle. You won’t have to worry about going up against a major manufacturing company on your own. We will represent you and make sure the negligent party answers for their actions.

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