Disability Insurance Claims Experience


We have considerable experience in litigating disability insurance claims in Arkansas state and federal courts. We can help you beginning at the moment the insurance company denies your claim and gives you a deadline to appeal its decision. How strong your case will be once it reaches a court of law is determined by what happens during the appeal of the insurance company’s decision to deny your claim. We know the law and regulations, how to unscramble complicated disability insurance policies, and how to prepare an appeal that will lead to a win in a court of law. We have no reluctance to suing insurance companies who deny Arkansans their rightful disability insurance benefits.

Our Disability Insurance Claims Strategy

Here is the most important thing to know about a disability insurance claim: Once an insurance company denies your claim, you have a limited number of days (usually 180) to submit information and records to the insurance company that may eventually determine whether you win or lose in court. This is known as the appeal period. After it ends, the insurance company should provide its final decision, and the “record” that a judge thereafter uses to determine whether that decision stands will usually be closed. This is the most important time in the life of your claim because it is the “evidence building” period. If you need legal help with a denied disability insurance claim, call us upon your first notice of the denial. The more time we have to build evidence, the better your chances.