There are few, if any, areas of the law in which consumers and other private individuals have greater need for legal assistance than insurance claims. Whether it is homeowners’, disability or life insurance, when a disagreement arises between you and your insurance company you can bet that there will be a professional handling the dispute for the company. Average consumers simply do not have the breadth of knowledge or experience in insurance matters to operate on a level playing field when attempting to resolve differences as to such things as coverage, exclusions and amount of benefits. Because of this, it is important for you to know that under the law of the State of Arkansas we can make the insurance company help pay your attorney’s fee if we succeed on your claim in court.

The attorneys at McMath Woods P.A. have a wealth of experience in tackling these sorts of problems for our clients. This experience, along with our knowledge and unwavering commitment to the best interests of our clients, enables us to serve as effective advocates in the resolution of disputes with insurance adjustors and their companies. Further, we have no reluctance in bringing suit and going to trial against any such companies that refuse to pay what they rightfully owe to our clients.

It is best to act swiftly when a dispute over insurance coverage or benefits arises. If you get the feeling that you are being stalled or given the runaround over an insurance claim, you would be best served by contacting an attorney at your earliest opportunity. McMath Woods will act expeditiously to protect your interest and to convince your insurance company to pay you what you deserve under the insurance contract. There is no charge for any initial consultation about your legal rights in a situation involving an insurance dispute. And, as noted earlier, if we win on your claim the company can be made to pay some of your attorney’s fee. The remainder of the fee can be based on a contingent fee arrangement, which means that you will not owe any fee unless we win the case for you.