Every year, thousands of chemical releases occur. Frequently, chemicals that are spilled or leaked into the environment end up migrating beneath private property. Many of these releases occur from underground storage tanks associated with convenience stores and retail gasoline outlets. These releases result in damage to property and sometimes can present serious health risks to residents. We have represented many property owners whose property or health has been adversely impacted by groundwater pollution.

When hazardous chemicals such as gasoline are released into the environment, they often migrate downward until they encounter groundwater. Once they encounter groundwater, they can travel away from the site of the release to neighboring properties. This results in a “contaminant plume.” These contaminant plumes may travel up to a mile from the source of the release. If the owners of contaminated property have wells and use their groundwater for domestic purposes, then the presence of gasoline or other hazardous chemicals can cause serious threats to health through various ingestion pathways (drinking the water, breathing vapors, etc.).

In addition, these chemicals can also travel upward through soil into door air in a process known as volatilization. These vapors can then present a health risk when they are breathed.

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