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Little Rock Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Little Rock Bicycle Accident Lawyer

For many people, having a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation makes more sense for their lifestyle. There are also those who use bicycles for exercise or leisure. While it’s a popular way for people to get around the city, safety is still an issue. When negligence occurs, bicyclists are easily injured. The few moments that it takes to cause an accident can change the bicyclist’s life forever. Those who have sustained injuries can seek justice with the help of a Little Rock bicycle accident lawyer from McMath Woods P.A.

We’re here to protect the rights of those who have been victims of negligence. Little Rock bicyclists and others in Arkansas need to know that their voices can be heard. Bicycle injuries can require hospitalization, surgeries, and the road to recovery is a long one. While there are many difficulties on that path, your rights to fair compensation shouldn’t be one of them.

In addition to representing injured bicyclists, we also hope to shed some light on this problem and why it’s happening. Our bicycle accident attorneys aim to help reduce these occurrences by breaking down where these accidents happen and what often causes them. If more people are aware of what negligent behaviors can lead to bike crashes, it may help prevent more from happening in the future. We’ll look first at the locations where wrecks happen.

How Common Are Bicycle Accidents in Little Rock?

The 2021 Arkansas Highway Safety Plan states that between 2014-2018, there were 20 fatal bicycle accidents in Arkansas. This is an increase in recent years, where 2015 and 2016 had three fatal accidents.

In a Pedestrian/Bicyclist Crash Analysis from 2015, Arkansas looked into where accidents were happening. With bicycle and pedestrian crashes combined, it found the areas in Little Rock that had the most crashes. South Broadway and Pike Avenue were the highest, with 40 and 35 crashes. Asher, Baseline, and Geyer Springs had 29, 27, and 25 crashes.

While these areas seem to be hotspots for accidents, your Little Rock bicycle accident lawyer will tell you that a collision could happen anywhere. When you know that contributes to the chances of a bicycle wreck occurring, you may have a better understanding of how your accident happened.

How Do Motorist vs. Cyclist Collisions Happen?

Negligence is the common factor that connects many Arkansas bicycle wrecks. Let’s look at some ways negligence can result in accidents.

  • Distracted Driving. While technology is making vehicles safer, there are more ways for drivers to be distracted from what’s in front of them. Cell phones are a major distraction. Motorists are looking down from the road, usually with one hand on the wheel, and completely ignoring the road. If a bicyclist had the right-of-way to cross the road or a bicyclist was in a bike lane next to them, the driver will most likely not see them and cause an accident.
  • Inexperience with Cyclists. Another reason collisions occur is because drivers aren’t educated about sharing the road with bicyclists. They may think they have more of a right to be on the road and may drive aggressively around them. Passing is also an issue if the driver is inexperienced with sharing the road. They may think they’ve given the bicyclist enough room, but that may not be the case. Motorists may also only be looking for other cars. Bicyclists are more difficult to spot, especially if the driver isn’t expecting them.

A Little Rock bicycle accident lawyer from our law firm understands that these aren’t excuses for the accident, but they provide an explanation of how it happened. From here, we can begin to determine liability and who caused your injuries.

Why Are Bicycle Accident Injuries So Severe?

Drivers have the body of the vehicle and several safety features meant to protect them in the event of an accident. These features help secure the driver while the car absorbs most of the impact. Bicyclists do not have this protection, which is why their injuries can be so severe. In some cases, they may even be fatal.

Since the bicyclist doesn’t have a barrier to absorb the impact, they will most likely suffer trauma like:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neck or Spinal Column Injuries
  • Broken Bones

Some of these injuries may be catastrophic and will never fully heal and result in a permanent issue. Other injuries may fully heal but will take time and could cause temporary disability.

Your Little Rock bicycle accident attorney knows that your injuries could need treatment and therapy in the future, which you may be worrying about affording. But we’ll break down the costs of your injuries and take this into account when calculating your settlement.

What Do You Do When You’ve Been Injured?  

Because of the severity of bike accident injuries, you may have needed intense medical treatment right after the incident and will still require treatment in the future. As you work toward your recovery, you may find that the accident has cost a lot in damages. The bicycle accident lawyers at McMath Woods P.A. believe that you shouldn’t be responsible for those losses. We’ll work to hold the negligent person who caused your accident accountable for what they’ve done to you.

Our bicycle accident lawyers know the laws regarding your situation and will do everything possible to get you a fair settlement. When we investigate your case, we’ll carefully examine the physical evidence from the scene of the accident, the car and bicycle damages, and we’ll look at your medical records to see how the accident harmed you.

Beginning your case quickly will start you on the right track to financial peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about paying back medical bills and will be able to focus on getting better. For an obligation-free consultation, give us a call today. McMath Woods P.A. is here to help.

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