In many instances, the aircraft manufacturer, maintenance facilities and even the government, in connection with weather and air traffic control services, may have responsibility for causing an accident or crash. Many claims go uncompensated or inadequately compensated because attorneys fail to aggressively consider such contributing factors.

Perhaps among the most frequently overlooked areas of liability are issues related to crashworthiness. Even more so than automobiles, it is foreseeable during the long life spans of general aviation aircraft that they will be involved in accidents with. Yet, most light aircraft manufacturers have given little consideration to injury reduction through proper design with crashworthiness in mind. Even elementary considerations, such as providing for ready egress from an aircraft after a crash event, have often been inadequately addressed or just plain ignored, resulting in unnecessary injury and death. Such oversight is particularly egregious given the high potential for post-crash fire in general aviation crashes.

When we evaluate aircraft accidents and crashes at McMath Woods P.A., we consider all possible contributing factors, not just pilot error.