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Pine Bluff Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycles are an environmentally-friendly and healthy way to navigate the city of Pine Bluff. When you’re riding a bicycle, you have the right to use the road just as cars would. However, if a driver isn’t paying attention, they could collide with a cyclist and cause them serious harm. If this has happened to you, our law firm is here to help. A Pine Bluff bicycle accident lawyer from McMath Woods P.A. will build you a strong claim so you can get the recovery you deserve.

Our lawyers have fought for cyclists who were hurt because of negligent drivers. We’ll do everything we can to protect your rights as well. When we’re on your side, you can rest assured that our attorneys will investigate the accident report to find out what the other driver did and how it caused your accidents and injuries.

How Does Negligence Cause Bicycle Collisions?

There are many reasons why your accident may have happened. Our attorneys are familiar with the common reasons behind bicycle wrecks. It’s possible that one of the following scenarios happened:

  • Driver’s Attention Was Away from Road. The driver may not have been paying attention to the road when they struck you with their vehicle. If they had distractions in the car, like a cell phone, food, or something in the passenger seat, they may have been paying attention to that instead.
  • Driver Was Unaware of Cyclists. Some drivers may not be used to sharing the road with cyclists. They may not be expecting them on the road or keep an eye out for them. When someone is riding a bicycle, it’s more difficult to spot than another car. If a driver isn’t used to checking for cyclists, they may not realize one is approaching. There’s also the chance that the driver isn’t used to driving near cyclists and could incorrectly judge the space it would take to pass them.
  • Aggressive Driving. Some drivers may get frustrated at driving behind or near a cyclist. If the driver is aggressive and follows the cyclist too closely, they could knock them off balance and cause an accident.
  • Dooring. When someone opens their car door, they may open it right as a bike rider is passing them. This results in an incident called dooring. The cyclist could fall and sustain injuries.

You deserve to get justice after someone has harmed you because of their actions. Our Pine Bluff bicycle accident lawyer will be at your side every step of the way to explain the legal process and different aspects of your case. We’ll find out how your accident occurred and who was responsible.

The Consequences of Bicycle vs. Car Accidents

Once we have more information about how the bicycle accident occurred, we can look into how it affected you. There are a few disadvantages that cyclists face when they’re in a collision.

  • Lack of Protection. While cyclists can wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and protective clothing, they don’t have the protection of a seat belt, airbags, or the body of a car to absorb impact. The cyclist is exposed to the direct impact.
  • Two Impacts. There are two parts of an accident that can harm the rider. When the car initially hits them and when the rider falls to the ground.
  • Severe Injuries. Because of the lack of protection and the impacts, the bicyclist can sustain severe injuries that can affect their brain, spinal column, bones, soft tissue, and skin. Some accidents could result in someone needing emergency medical treatment and could need to be hospitalized.

To assess the extent of your injuries, your bicycle accident lawyer will refer to your medical records. This will show the injuries you sustained. From there, we can determine what it will cost for you to afford the care you need and how much time it will take.

While paying for medical costs can be daunting for many people, especially if they’re unable to work for some time, our lawyers will fight for your compensation to cover these costs. You’ll be able to cover past and future medical bills and recover the lost wages from missing work. We’ll also seek compensation for property damage or other financial losses from the accident.

Your Pine Bluff bicycle accident lawyer will also seek damages for your emotional losses, which are referred to as noneconomic damages. Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life are considered noneconomic damages. They don’t have a monetary amount tied to them, but they are still difficult consequences of the accident. Our lawyers will take these damages into account when calculating your compensation.

McMath Woods P.A. Can Help You Get Justice

Our attorneys have seen how a devastating bicycle accident can affect someone’s life. When you’re dealing with severe injuries and losses, you may not know who to turn to. You shouldn’t have to pay for the negligent actions of someone else. A lawyer from our law firm can fight for you. We can help you start to move forward.

Contact our office today for an obligation-free consultation. Our lawyers will handle your legal matters so you can focus on your health and recovering. We can answer your questions about the legal process and help you hold the negligent party accountable.  

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