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McMath Woods P.A. Offering $1,000 Scholarship Opportunity

Special note regarding COVID-19 and the fall semester: We understand that many colleges and universities are choosing to handle reopening campuses in fall 2020 differently after COVID-19. Some institutions may be opening for in-person classes while some may be allowing students to virtually attend classes. Others are choosing to delay the semester. We want to ensure every applicant that as long as their institution of choice is holding a fall semester (either online or in-person), they will still be eligible to receive the scholarship– even if the semester is slightly delayed. 

We will be choosing the winner as scheduled. After the winner is selected, we will ask them to show digital proof that their campus of choice is still holding fall 2020 classes in some fashion. If fall’s classes are being delayed, you’ll be asked to show when classes plan to resume. If that date is within an acceptable range (the exact range is TBD, but will likely be between 2-3 months roughly), the award amount will be sent. We have made this decision to ensure help is given where and when it is needed most.

The McMath Woods P.A. law firm is proud to offer an annual scholarship for first-year graduate and undergraduate students all across the United States.

McMath Woods P.A. is a personal injury firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. We know the importance of education and want to help students get their degrees so they can go on to find fulfilling careers. We understand that the cost of college creates a financial barrier to many who wish to continue their education. In 2019, we decided to create this scholarship to provide financial aid to deserving students. We now continue it every year. We’re currently accepting submissions for Fall 2020.

Our scholarship is meant to benefit students who are currently in their first year of college or will be in their first year during the Fall 2020 semester. Students must be attending a school in the United States and have a United States mailing address by the scholarship due date, which is July 17th 2020.

Students must prove their first year status by attaching a digital copy (PDF, JPG, or PNG) of their acceptance letter to their application email. The copy should include the school’s letterhead. If the student doesn’t have their letter, they can attach other forms of proof, including an email from the college stating they’ve been accepted for their first year or a screenshot of their digital transcript or first course load. Essentially, we need to see proof that the student is a first-year student.

Application Question and Guidelines

Students wishing to apply for this scholarship must write a 500+ word essay on the following topic:

If you had the ability and means to create and produce a film about any topic (based off real events or fictitious), what story would you tell and why?

We will pick the winner after the deadline has passed so everyone who submits gets a fair chance. We’re looking for essays with the following qualities:

  • Creativity.
  • Showcases your voice.
  • The unique approach or angle of your answer.

When you submit your essay, you are agreeing that it may be published on our blog.

What Do You Need to Submit? 

Your application email must be sent to mcmathwoodspa@gmail.com. Your application MUST include the following:

  • Your subject line should include your name and be followed by “Fall 2020 Scholarship”. Example: “Tom Jones Fall 2020 Scholarship.”
  • Your email MUST include your name, address, phone number, and the name of the college you’ll be attending.
  • Attach your proof of acceptance and your essay. Your essay MUST be a .DOCX or a .PDF.
  • Your essay should follow MLA guidelines. Cite any sources if needed.
  • In the body of the email, you can provide a short bio about yourself and your goals. One paragraph is fine.

Other rules to note:

  • Please attach all of your documentation to a single email containing everything you need to enter. Check that all information is correct before sending.
  • Please write about our chosen topic. We will ignore essays that don’t have anything to do with the topic.
  • We will NOT be replying to most emails we receive. We simply get far too many. Please don’t send follow-up emails asking if we’ve received yours.
  • Please read this page carefully and follow all the steps. We will not have time to answer most questions that get sent to us.
  • Proofread everything!

Please note that failing to adhere to these instructions may result in a disqualification.

Remember, the due date is Friday, July 17th, 2020. We are excited to read your essays!


List of Past Winners:

Fall 2019: Madeline Quasebarth of Baltimore – Read her essay

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