Little Rock Attorneys Assist Victims of Workplace Injuries

Arkansas lawyers litigate tort claims relating to job accidents

People injured on the job often assume that recovery is not available beyond workers’ compensation benefits. And in many cases, that’s true. The laws in Arkansas and most other states prevent employees from bringing injury lawsuits against an employer, regardless of the employer’s negligence. However, at McMath Woods P.A. in Little Rock, we understand that workers’ compensation payments are often inadequate in addressing the harm suffered by victims of job accidents. Since 1953, our attorneys have helped people assert their rights against liable parties in all types of cases. We have the knowledge and experience to identify each business and individual who might be responsible for your workplace incident and will work with you to obtain a full recovery for available damages, including compensation for pain and suffering.

Law firm identifies potentially liable third parties where appropriate

Serious workplace injuries should be reviewed for possible tort claims by a firm with experience in such cases. Unfortunately, many lawyers will overlook these issues. Our Little Rock personal injury attorneys can help you seek compensation from third parties for injuries arising from:

  • Defective products — Industrial accidents are often triggered by equipment or machinery failures. If an item was negligently manufactured, maintained or labeled, our firm will investigate the problem and file suit to hold the wrongdoer accountable.
  • Willful misconduct — Certain types of misbehavior violate workplace norms and can remove the tort immunity normally accorded to employers. This type of malfeasance might include abusive behavior or willful violation of safety rules. We can advise you as to whether your situation qualifies.
  • Other responsible actors — If your job requires you to drive as part of your duties and you are injured in a vehicle accident as a result, you might be eligible to file a tort action against the other driver in addition to a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

When reviewing a workplace injury, McMath Woods will normally refer the workers’ compensation claim to a lawyer whose practice is focused on handling those matters. As this occurs, we review whether possible third-party lawsuits or employer immunity exceptions exist.

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