Dangerous & Unsafe Premises


At first blush premises liability, which includes so called “slip and fall” accidents, can appear to be a very pedestrian area of a personal injury practice. In fact because of some peculiarities of the law, experience sometimes reveals avenues of liability that may not be apparent to some. A property or premises owner may be liable not only for allowing an unsafe condition to exist, once on notice of it, but also for allowing it to occur in the first instance. Injuries other than slip and fall accidents can involve design and construction defects that lead to structural failures. In other instances injuries arise because the property owner has allowed unsafe activities to take place or failed to safe guard against activities being done in an unsafe manner. In still other cases, a commercial property owner, such as a hotel or motel operator, will have a duty to protect a guest from foreseeable criminal activity. McMath Woods has handled cases in all these areas of premises liability.

Premises Liability

When a person slips, or trips, and falls due to the negligence of some other individual or company, and suffers an injury as a result, the owner of the premises may be legally responsible. Incidents such as these are frequently referred to as “premises liability” claims. Whether it is from a foreign substance on the floor or some defect in the condition of the premises, in many cases of this sort an injured party can recover compensation. This can also be the case when someone is injured by certain activities on the property of another person.

The law can be tricky in this area, and most likely you would be best served by consulting with a lawyer who has experience with this type of case. And because the other party controls the property upon which the injury occurred, it is best to contact the lawyer sooner rather than later so that steps can be taken to preserve important evidence. The attorneys at McMath Woods P.A. have handled many types of premises liability cases and will be happy to visit with you if you have been injured in this way.