Aircraft Personal Injury


In some instances, some element in the design of a vehicle involved in motor vehicle incident or accident contributes to the severity of the injuries involved or even the occurrence itself. If the plaintiff’s lawyer lacks the experience to discover these occurrences the plaintiff may well be under compensated, especially in the event of a serious injury. Claims go uncompensated or inadequately compensated because attorneys fail to aggressively consider such contributing factors.

Perhaps among the most frequently overlooked areas of liability are issues related to crash-worthiness, and poorly designed passenger restraint systems. Manufacturers may be responsible for incidents associated with the failure of component parts, such as tires as well. As with all product cases, special experience is critical to spotting and successfully processing such cases with the design issues involving complex engineering issues. These cases typically add another layer of complexity, though related to demonstrating a connection between the injury and the design defect. This process can involve equally complex bio-mechanical issues and a whole new layer of expert witnesses. When we evaluate serious vehicle accidents and crashes at McMath Woods P.A., we consider all possible contributing factors, not just driver error.