Aircraft Personal Injury


Aircraft related personal injury litigation is an area where having special training, like being a pilot, and experience in the area are essential if a law firm is to provide effective representation. Unfortunately, many law firms will undertake aircraft accident cases without this knowledge and experience, and some even with it, don’t look beyond issues of pilot error.

Where the pilot is the injured party in an aircraft accident, or where a passenger is injured and the pilot is either not at fault or has inadequate liability coverage, it is essential to look beyond pilot error and consider other conduct that may have either contributed to causing the crash, incident or accident or enhanced the injuries or caused needless wrongful death.

Failure to explore negligence on the part of third parties, such as aircraft designers and manufacturers related to the sale of a defectively designed product, may result in a disappointing recovery or no recovery at all.

Below are summaries of aircraft personal injury cases the firm has handled. Click each to see details of the case.

Janan Honeysuckle v. Michael McCarthy, Workers’ Compensation Commission of Arkansas, AWCC No. F214059
While returning from a business trip the engine of the airplane loses power and the pilot crashes his plane, injuring himself and killing his passenger.

The plane was owned by Michael McCarthy, who was flying on a business trip when his plane crashed killing his co-worker. The plaintiffs allege that while the company is under the provisions of workers compensation, the defendant is liable for the wrongful death of Carlos Honeysuckle.

The defendant alleges that he was working within the scope of his employment and therefore is covered and immune under workers compensation.

Bruce McMath is the lead counsel on this case. This case is still open.