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Meeting Between NFL Concussion Committee and Helmet Makers and Military

Published on Dec 17, 2010 at 2:31 pm in Uncategorized.

As previously noted on the blog, a meeting occurred between several interested parties concerning brain injury and concussion prevention on Dec. 8 and 9th in New York. Many present noted that preventing helmet to helmet contact in football is the most important thing that can be done in the short run to lessen the number of concussions in the sport. Helmet innovations are on the way, and the new emphasis on concussion prevention should speed the development of helmets that can better prevent concussions.

Car wrecks, falls, explosions and other injuries can all cause concussions. It is important particularly for individuals who have hit their head or been involved in a sudden deceleration or acceleration situation to be aware of the danger and possibility of brain injury. These injuries are real and debilitating.

The NFL “return to play guidelines” recognize that someone does not have to be knocked unconscious to suffer brain injury. It is our belief that many insurance companies still adjust brain injuries as if you have to be knocked unconscious to have one.

We will continue to follow any developments with regard to helmet safety and brain injury.

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