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Fracking Fluid Threatens Drinking Water Supplies in Greers Ferry Lake

Published on May 23, 2011 at 2:24 pm in Environmental.

Over the past few days, state authorties have investigated two separate incidents involving fracking fluids which have threatened Greers Ferry Lake. Greers Ferry Lake provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people in North Central Arkansas. Fishermen in Clinton, Arkansas reported barrels in Choctaw Creek, just miles upstream from Clinton’s drinking water intake. The clean up crew found dozens of fracking fluid barrels in the creek. In nearby Alread, Arkansas, a leaking fluid storage pond drew the attention of neighbors and authorities. The Alread pond is also in the Greers Ferry Lake watershed. Drinking water is the most valuable natural resource we have. With the proliferation of drilling sites in Arkansas, the government alone cannot discover all the problem areas. If you are a concerned citizen or a private property owner with a leaking containment pond on your property, McMath Woods has attorneys available to help you find a solution to fracking fluid problems.

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