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Fracking and Air

Published on May 31, 2011 at 11:25 pm in Environmental.

Concerns with fracking activities have been focused on its impacts on groundwater and surface water supplies. However, air pollution caused by fracking is also a significant concern for individuals who reside near a drilling site. Fracking sites use diesel engines to run pumps and other machinery. Heavy trucks regularly come and go from the sites, polluting the air in the process. Most importantly, drilling rigs vent large amounts of gas before the stream becomes suitable for capture. All of these factors can result in heavy localized air pollution. Areas that formerly experienced quality air, such as rural Wyoming, are now suffering from dangerous ground level ozone levels. Towns in Texas near drilling rigs have suffered from high levels of airborne benzene. All of these factors can contribute to health problems, especially benzene. If your home or property has been impacted by fracking, either through air or water, contact McMath Woods today.

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