For almost all of us, there comes a time when we need to hire a lawyer. It may be for business, personal, or family reasons. Sometimes it’s clear that you need the assistance of a lawyer. You’re starting a new business, being sued, buying a house, or you’ve been charged with a crime. At these times, there’s no doubt that you should seek legal counsel. But other times it’s not so clear. You think you might be able to handle it yourself, but you’re not sure if that’s the best course to follow.

Don’t Settle Your Case Quickly

The number one mistake made by most injured people is settling their case too quickly. Once you settle your case it is over forever in most instances. You need to understand the full extent of your injuries, medical bills, and possible future complications before you enter into a settlement.

Consult A Lawyer

In most injury cases involving more than one or two doctor visits, it is our advice that you should at least consult a lawyer before settling your case. McMath Woods and most other lawyers will provide you with a free initial consultation in an injury case.

Keep Uninsured and Under-insured Coverage on Your Vehicles

The cost of uninsured and under-insured coverage for your vehicle is minimal compared to your liability coverage. There are too many uninsured and under-insured drivers out on our roads for you to take a chance by not securing these important coverages.

Do Not Delay

Never delay in reporting an accident or injury to the appropriate insurance company, including your own insurance company. Also, if you are injured, do not delay in seeking treatment. In many instances, insurance company adjusters will question any significant delay in treatment.

Seek Advice From Other Sources

Below are some helpful links that can provide you with information in dealing with injury or litigation related situations:

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