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Concussions and Brain Injury

Published on Nov 15, 2010 at 8:02 pm in Uncategorized.

McMath Woods continues to follow concussion and brain injury news. It is important to our clients who are injured in car wrecks and falls or industrial incidents. It is also a very important issue for our troops in battle and our youth involved in sports.

The Associated Press recently followed up on helmet safety in football. Writers Rob Maaddi, Michael Marrot, and Chris Adamski put together a helpful article on what is happening concerning helmet safety and the efforts of the NFL and others. Here is an excerpt:

“The NFL and NFLPA concussion committees, helmet makers, the Department of Defense and leading scientists will participate in discussions Dec. 8-9 to: examine whether there are new materials that could improve helmets; determine if sensors should be used in helmets, mouthguards or earpieces worn by NFL players to measure impacts of various kinds of hits to the head; review the NFL’s return-to-play guidelines established in December 2009, including considering whether sideline tests used to determine if a player has a concussion should be standardized so each team uses the same, mandated neurological exam.

“We’re turning over every stone you could imagine,” said Richard Ellenbogen, chairman of the University of Washington medical school’s department of neurological surgery and co-chair of the NFL’s head, neck and spine medical committee.”

McMath Woods will continue to follow developments in the brain injury field. Brain injuries are real and are life altering.

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