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Car Wrecks, 18 Wheeler Wrecks and Event Data Recorders

Published on Jan 19, 2015 at 5:07 pm in 18-Wheeler wreck, car accident, car wreck, EDR, event data recorder, Uncategorized.

Many times in big car wrecks, particularly wrecks with 18-Wheelers, there can be disputes over how the wreck occurred. Who was speeding, who veered into which lane of traffic, who made first contact, or who was distracted are all questions that can arise. Most newer vehicles, and almost all 18 Wheelers, are now equipped with event data recorders, referred to many times as an EDR. It can be very important to secure the information from the event data recorder or at least to make sure that it is preserved. If you delay seeking such information, it can be destroyed or disappear when a totaled car or 18 wheeler is salvaged or sold. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set some guidelines as to what EDR’s are supposed to record. Arkansas Law prohibits release of the EDR data without consent of the driver or without a court order in many circumstances. See Arkansas Code Annotated Sec. 23-112-107. McMath Woods, in certain cases and particularly in cases involving 18 wheelers, will send letters asking that the driver or owner preserve the EDR data in case of future litigation or will seek retrieval of the data in compliance with Arkansas law so that evidence helpful to determining fault is not lost. Keep in mind that retrieval or preservation of EDR data is time sensitive and you or your lawyers need to act quickly to insure the data is not lost when it is needed to prove fault or facts important to your case.

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